Sunday, March 14, 2010

Progress on our home!

First we picked our lot:

Then we picked our brick and stone:

Finally, we were ready to start building!

They leveled our land...

...and poured our foundation:

We wrote our name in the wet concrete of the driveway:

They framed our first floor:

And then our second floor:

Then they started putting in the insulation (and some siding):

The doggies are very excited about their new house (they are at the top of the stairs in the game room):


Susan Hopper said...

cute blog! I noticed your header image is a little too wide for the border box 660px, so I downsized your graphic to 650px and would be happy to email it to you. It only took me a second and I just couldn't help myself. :o) My email address is if you'd like me to shoot the resized image your way. Susan Hopper

Kingdom Mama said...

Wow! How fun!:)

Thank you for linking to my blog! If you would like a link on my page, just let me know.:)

Susan Hopper said...

Hi! Send me your email addy and I'll email you the revised header. susan.hopper @