Sunday, September 23, 2012

Houston Zoo and The Walkers' Visit

I thought Jaxon and I were going to have a boring weekend while Kevin was on his guys' hunting trip. I was so wrong! Kevin's sister Cari, her husband Jarred, and their daughter Sydni came into town to visit and they kept us very busy!!! 

Friday night after work I picked up Jaxon and met everyone at a Mexican food restaurant for dinner. Then they started karaoke and Sydni (9) and Maci (5) decided to sing a song. Jaxon jumped right up on stage and danced and clapped along with them! When it was over and everyone clapped, he was in Heaven. So much so that he went back up in front of everyone and started clapping and cheering for himself to try and initiate another round of applause.

Then on Saturday Cari and I took Jaxon and Sydni to the Houston Zoo! It was such a fun day. We saw tons of animals, got some great pictures, fed giraffes, brushed (and kissed) goats, rode the carousel, and had lunch by the giraffe habitat. 

After the zoo we headed home for a quick bath (he was getting very personal with the goats at the zoo) and a nap. Then we went back over to Nana and Papa's house for dinner and more fun. My big guy played until after 10pm and then cried when I told him it was time to go! It's been a great weekend, but we sure missed Kevin. 

Tomorrow is my catch-up day: school stuff, laundry, cleaning, and groceries. Should be fun (not)!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Weekend and Kevin's Ordeal

This Saturday Kevin, Jaxon and I headed to College Station to enjoy a day at my grandparents' land, which we've called the River Bottom since...well, forever. We just went for the day, and our plan was to head home around 8:30. More on that later.

It was a fun day full of buggy-riding, 4-wheeling, family, and friends! I so enjoy being with people that I love and just relaxing and having fun. Here are some pictures from the day:

Jaxon was so excited to see a tractor!

Riding with Mammaw. What more does a boy need than a stick and a rock?

Driving his cool F-150

Riding a 4-wheeler with Pappaw!

I'm rockin my lucky pink fishing boots :)

Jaxon took me for a ride!

With Aunt Lala (Lindsay)

A video of Jaxon riding with Pappaw

What fun!

As I stated earlier, we planned to leave around 8:30 (after bathing Jaxon so he could start sleeping in the car). THAT part went according to plan. It went wrong about half-way home when Kevin's glamorous, high-class, expensive crappy, falling apart, got-it-for-free trailer literally FELL APART on Highway 6.

We were driving along, Jaxon sleeping in the back, when it felt like a tire blew out. As it turns out, it was much more than a tire. A wheel, a tire, some wood, and a bunch of rusted metal now litters that stretch of Highway 6. We dragged the trailer along as it made an AWFUL scraping sound, until we got off of the highway onto someone's driveway (Kevin later made friends with the old man, who let us come in his gate so that we could be off of the dark highway). We waited there in his yard for 2.5 hours until a friend came to rescue us with a REAL trailer. We got home around midnight. Thankfully no one was hurt, and Jaxon was a trooper. Kevin was a trooper too, considering he had just put 12 hours of work into that trailer the week before.

My dad tactfully called it "Kevin's sled," after seeing the picture I messaged him that night.

I personally found the whole ordeal HILARIOUSLY funny.

I'll leave you with that image. Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

At 19 Months... And pictures

At 19 months, Jaxon is:
  • ·         Saying about 60-70 words, and his speech becoming much more clear.
  • ·         Eager to learn new things. He identifies many animals, colors, and objects.
  • ·         Still loves clocks and has become attached to his puppy lovie.
  • ·         Plays imaginary games, such as bringing me pretend objects, hiding things and pretending to not know where they are and then “finding them,” and pretending something is broken and then “fixing” it and clapping for himself.
  • ·        Recognizes cars and trucks that look like mine and Kevin’s and points them out. Watches for trucks and construction equipment while driving.
  • ·        Started Montessori, has a hard time adjusting but learns new things every day and has become much more social. Calls for mommy when she drops him off. He gets to do art, play on a covered playground, sing, and learn daily.
  • ·         Had his first “big boy” haircut where he sat by himself
  • ·         Learned how to “drive” a power wheels car
  • ·        Put high chair away for good – he sits in a booster with us at the table or at his picnic table.
  • ·         Started 2 word phrases like “more milk.” My favorites have been “more mama” when he wanted a hug and “love you.”
  • ·         Picks between two objects to tell me which he wants. Can often point to the snack he wants in the pantry and attempt to say the word. I’m going to let him pick his Halloween costume this year.
  • ·         Making several animal sounds:  dog, cat, cow, pig, monkey, bunny (hop hop), lobster (pinch pinch), truck, bus, horse, dinosaur

Favorite foods: Bean and cheese tacos, string cheese, fruit snacks, animal crackers, chips and dip, any fruit you put in front of him (raspberries are the favorite)

Favorite Books: Hippos Go Berserk, A Day at the Farm, Doggies, The Going to Bed Book, Goodnight Moon

Favorite Toys: fishing game, clock, cars and trucks, stacking and nesting cups, lights and sounds wagon, balls, puppy

Favorite activities: Playing outside, hide and seek, “fishing,” playing with cars and trucks, driving his car and truck, coloring (I’ve watched his coloring evolve from one or two lines on a page to a full scribble), play dough, reading

Bedtime routine: Bath at 7:30 followed by two books, always Hippos Go Berserk and another. Then a prayer, rocking, and to his crib drowsy but awake.

New words:
Outside (much more clear)
Aunt lala
Night night
Love you
Fruit snack
Up-down (goes for up and down haha)