Monday, November 22, 2010

Jaxon's 4D Ultrasound @ 29 Weeks

Today Kevin and I went to our 4D ultrasound, very excited to see our little man. Unfortunately, Jaxon was taking after his father and being incredibly stubborn ;)

He refused to show us a clear view of his face, even after the sonographer poked and prodded and jiggled him for 40 minutes. That's the bad news. The good news is that they still gave us a CD with 27 pictures and a DVD, and a few of them are pretty good. Plus, we get to go back for no charge in two weeks and try again. We'll get a whole new CD and another set of pictures then, so I guess it all works out for the best.

He currently weighs 3 lbs 8 oz and is measuring 30 weeks, 4 days. That's a week and a half ahead of schedule, just as he has been since his 11 week ultrasound! He's going to be a BIG baby. The sonographer described all of his organs and other body parts as "beautiful" and "strong," and reassured us that we have a healthy baby boy. She was surprised that, even though he wiggled and moved the entire time, he never turned his head to face the ultrasound.


This one looks like he's laughing at us!

Little feet!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Decorations!

This weekend has been another weekend full of projects! Yesterday, Kevin put in a utility sink in our laundry room. While he worked on that I ran several errands and got ready for a house full of friends to watch the Aggie football game (WHOOP!). Then after church today we noticed that the sink was leaking, so he spent more time working on that. Then he mounted the dresser mirror (finally) in one of our upstairs rooms and hung a full length mirror in our bathroom. He says he's NOT doing anything around the house next weekend!

Anyway, while he worked today I put away our fall decorations and got out our Christmas ones! I know you may think it's early, but the next week is going to be really crazy and I wanted to take advantage of the time I had to do it. Plus I was really excited! Here are some pictures:

Our Tree:

My new favorite ornament:

A pic of the whole room, plus a tired dog and some misplaced boots:

I made these snowmen with my third graders last year in RISD:


Front Door:

I didn't put up as much this year as I have in the past because I wanted to go light. I figure by the time I have to put all of this stuff away I'll be about 35 weeks pregnant!


Kevin and I are so excited because tomorrow we will get to see our little man up close and personal in our 4D ultrasound! I'm hoping and praying that he will be cooperative and show us his little face. It's going to be hard(er) to sleep tonight! I'll share the photos tomorrow evening. Have a great night!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jaxon's Nursery!

Kevin and I have been working all day long on Jaxon's nursery! I had already finished a lot in there - I've gotten all of his clothes and bedding washed and put away, and his bed was already made up. But we still had some things that we wanted to work on.

We started out at Hobby Lobby this morning so that I could get supplies to make the letters for his name, and then we went to Lowe's to buy shelves and a curtain rod. When we got back, we tried to figure out where to hang the shelves. In this process, we discovered that we needed to re-arrange the room and move the huge chair out into the game room. This will actually work better for us anyway, since we can rock and feed him in front of a TV when we want to. Plus we'll get much more use of it out there.

Then Kevin got to work hanging the shelves and the curtain rod. He also mounted the bookshelf to the wall to child-proof it, and hung two towel racks in the upstairs bathrooms. He had quite the honey-do list today!

While he worked upstairs, I painted Jaxon's letters and got very angry at the ribbon. Once I figured it out, though, I think they turned out to be very adorable! I also did a ton of laundry since we've been behind on it - but back to the nursery! Here are some pictures of the (almost) finished product.

The photos in the sports frames are of Kevin playing those sports when he was a kid. The exception is the football one, which has the two of us at a Texan's game several years ago.

I think I'm pretty happy with the nursery how it is right now! The only thing I still want to do is make a photo board (the kind with with the criss-crossed ribbons), and hang it over his changing table. Plus I'm sure we'll continue to put little "finishing touches" as it gets closer to his arrival, but I'm feeling very accomplished tonight!

I also want to share my 28 week pictures, even though we took them a couple of days early. Friday was our 6 year dating anniversary so we went out to eat a nice steak dinner and celebrate. Since we were all dressed up, we went ahead and took the picture. Jaxon has grown SIGNIFICANTLY in the last couple of weeks! It's also very cool now because, since he's so big, I can feel exactly where he is in my belly at all times, and Kevin usually can too. His movements shake my whole body most of the time - he sure is strong!

That's it for tonight! Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jaxon's Dallas Shower (11.06.10)

Last weekend I traveled up to Dallas to visit with friends and family, and to have Jaxon's first baby shower! My Aunt Laura hosted it at her house, and I was able to celebrate with family from both sides, my teacher friends from Richardson (who I miss so much), some awesome women that I used to attend church with, and even one of my sweet former students and her mom (my room mother that year). It was absolutely perfect, and so much fun to celebrate Jaxon's pending arrival with the people that I care about! We had foods, yummy cake, games, and gifts. Here are some pictures of the highlights:

My amazing Aunt Laura and the BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS cake!

Time to snack!

Game time! First we guessed how many diapers were in a huge bag and then we came up with words out of the letters of Jaxon Wayne White.

I accidentally won the game... The prize was a "boo-boo bunny"." Ask Lindsay about that one.

Then it was time for presents! This is a custom name tile that Casey W. had her uncle make. It is so unique and special! I love it.

My teacher friends all chipped in and bought Jaxon's crib set! Thanks, friends!

My family bought the rest of the accessories for the nursery. I can't wait to get it all ready for him.

His Boppy pillow and an unbelievably sweet book from Aunt Cari and Sydni

The Bumbo seat and tray!

I loved every single one of his gifts and am so appreciative for all of them - I just don't have pictures of everything and I didn't want to bore readers with all of it.

Here are some group shots!

Jaxon's two grandmas: I love how excited they look!

My RISD teacher friends - Amy, I'm so sorry we didn't take this before you left!

Kevin's mom, sister, and niece

Former student and room mother

Last but not least, my sis Lindsay. She didn't make it into many pictures because she was the talented photographer!

I unfortunately did not get pictures with everyone there, but your presence meant so much to me!

I stayed with Allen and Casey, our friends from church there. Casey actually had a shower on Sunday, so we were able to attend each others' showers and spend time together. It was a wonderful weekend!

Kevin and I will be pretty much finishing Jaxon's nursery this weekend, so check back for pics!