Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jaxon's Nursery!

Kevin and I have been working all day long on Jaxon's nursery! I had already finished a lot in there - I've gotten all of his clothes and bedding washed and put away, and his bed was already made up. But we still had some things that we wanted to work on.

We started out at Hobby Lobby this morning so that I could get supplies to make the letters for his name, and then we went to Lowe's to buy shelves and a curtain rod. When we got back, we tried to figure out where to hang the shelves. In this process, we discovered that we needed to re-arrange the room and move the huge chair out into the game room. This will actually work better for us anyway, since we can rock and feed him in front of a TV when we want to. Plus we'll get much more use of it out there.

Then Kevin got to work hanging the shelves and the curtain rod. He also mounted the bookshelf to the wall to child-proof it, and hung two towel racks in the upstairs bathrooms. He had quite the honey-do list today!

While he worked upstairs, I painted Jaxon's letters and got very angry at the ribbon. Once I figured it out, though, I think they turned out to be very adorable! I also did a ton of laundry since we've been behind on it - but back to the nursery! Here are some pictures of the (almost) finished product.

The photos in the sports frames are of Kevin playing those sports when he was a kid. The exception is the football one, which has the two of us at a Texan's game several years ago.

I think I'm pretty happy with the nursery how it is right now! The only thing I still want to do is make a photo board (the kind with with the criss-crossed ribbons), and hang it over his changing table. Plus I'm sure we'll continue to put little "finishing touches" as it gets closer to his arrival, but I'm feeling very accomplished tonight!

I also want to share my 28 week pictures, even though we took them a couple of days early. Friday was our 6 year dating anniversary so we went out to eat a nice steak dinner and celebrate. Since we were all dressed up, we went ahead and took the picture. Jaxon has grown SIGNIFICANTLY in the last couple of weeks! It's also very cool now because, since he's so big, I can feel exactly where he is in my belly at all times, and Kevin usually can too. His movements shake my whole body most of the time - he sure is strong!

That's it for tonight! Have a wonderful Sunday :)


AlanRCooper said...

You have it all fixed up great Boo.... I can't wait to sit in that rocking chair with my grandson!

Mommy said...

Jaxon's room is perfect! Now we just have to wait for his arrival! I can't wait! I love your picture...the boots are great and you are truly beautiful!