Monday, November 22, 2010

Jaxon's 4D Ultrasound @ 29 Weeks

Today Kevin and I went to our 4D ultrasound, very excited to see our little man. Unfortunately, Jaxon was taking after his father and being incredibly stubborn ;)

He refused to show us a clear view of his face, even after the sonographer poked and prodded and jiggled him for 40 minutes. That's the bad news. The good news is that they still gave us a CD with 27 pictures and a DVD, and a few of them are pretty good. Plus, we get to go back for no charge in two weeks and try again. We'll get a whole new CD and another set of pictures then, so I guess it all works out for the best.

He currently weighs 3 lbs 8 oz and is measuring 30 weeks, 4 days. That's a week and a half ahead of schedule, just as he has been since his 11 week ultrasound! He's going to be a BIG baby. The sonographer described all of his organs and other body parts as "beautiful" and "strong," and reassured us that we have a healthy baby boy. She was surprised that, even though he wiggled and moved the entire time, he never turned his head to face the ultrasound.


This one looks like he's laughing at us!

Little feet!

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