Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just a Sunday at the Park :)

This weekend has been nice; we just spent some good family time together. I think Jaxon must be having a growth spurt - Last night he slept for almost 14 hours and then took a 3 hour nap this afternoon. For breakfast he ate a pile of fruit loops, an entire glass of milk, an adult serving of strawberry oatmeal, and a whole serving of kid yogurt. Crazy! To be so small he sure is a BIG eater!

We just got back from taking him to the park to play for a while. We wanted to try somewhere different so we went to the front of our neighborhood instead of right here by our house. Our plan was to go to the zoo today, but it was a bit too cold and windy to spend that long outside. We are planning on going next Saturday instead! Here are some pictures from the park:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Jaxon Update

Today has been a little scary with our little man. Last night (Thursday) I picked him up to take him upstairs for a bath and he was burning up! He ended up having a 100.2 degree fever, so I gave him some Motrin, put him to bed, and started working on sub plans to stay home today. This morning his temp was about the same so I stayed home and we relaxed (We got our taxes done during his nap - Kevin came home because of bad weather, so that was a bonus).

At about noon I took his temp again and it was almost 101, so I called the doctor. After his nap I took him in to get checked out, but unfortunately I was unable to see his normal doctor. We saw a man that I have never seen before and will make a point to never see again. He was rough with Jaxon, he stuck the tongue depressor so far down his throat that he made him gag and THROW UP all over both of us, and to top it off I couldn't understand his accent. Anyway, he found nothing wrong and said the fever would pass in the next day or so.

Tonight Jaxon spiked a fever of 103! I called the nurse and she said not to panic until it got to 105, to bathe him in cool water, and to alternate Tylenol and Motrin every few hours through the night. As of now, he is sleeping peacefully with a 99 degree fever. I'm hoping that he can fight off whatever this is ASAP!

Before the scary fever happened, I took this adorable video of Jaxon because this morning he learned to shake his head "no." I realize that, while I think this is the cutest thing ever right now, I may get tired of it very quickly. Make sure to read the cute story at the end of the video!

Last weekend I took some cute pictures outside of Jaxon "cruising" around in his awesome car from Granny and Grandaddy. Here they are!

Have a great weekend, and please keep our little guy in your prayers,that he will be fever-free soon!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jaxon's First Year - update and slide show

Jaxon had his one-year well check last week. He weighs 20.8 lbs (20%) and is 30 inches long (60%). Our pediatrician estimates that he will be 6'2 as an adult. He is developmentally right on track and advanced in several areas. He is a happy, healthy little guy!

Throughout J's first year of life, I kept track of all of his "firsts," photographed them, and Photoshopped the dates onto them. I showed this slide show at his first birthday party and I have ordered a photo book to commemorate his first year. It should be here in a couple of days. What wonderful memories these are!

Here is the slide show. Enjoy!

Jaxon's Actual Birthday 2/1/12

Jaxon's actual birthday fell on a Thursday. We woke him up that morning with a single balloon in his crib. Each year he is going to wake up to the number of balloons that represents his age. He got dressed in his special birthday boy t-shirt and played with his balloon for a while before he went to day care.

We had already had a major celebration but we still wanted to make his birthday special. So we took Jaxon to Chick-Fil-A for his first kids' meal and play-place experience that evening. He also had his first glass of chocolate milk! It was a blast!

Later we came home and played upstairs. That is our favorite place to play in the evenings.

Jaxon had a great first birthday!

Jaxon's First Birthday Party 1/28/12!

One week later, I am finally ready to blog about Jaxon's First Birthday party!

We got up on the morning of the party and gave Jaxon our gifts ahead of time. We did it because the party guests would be playing in his ball tent and his sand table as part of the party entertainment. We wrapped up a box of his balls and then took him downstairs to show him the whole tent. We did the same with some sand toys and his sand table.

Soon, Jaxon took a nap and we got everything all set up for the party.
I put so much time and effort into this party but it was so worth it! Since Jaxon loves giraffes, I decided to go with a giraffe theme. Since there isn't much on the market for giraffe-themed first birthday things, I did it all myself. I should own stock in Hobby Lobby!

Here are some pictures of the set-up:

A lady at school made Jaxon's beautiful and delicious cakes. They were amazing, and his smash cake was the cutest one I have ever seen!

Once he got up, it was party time! His guests started to arrive and everyone played, ate, and talked for about an hour.

Then it was time to open gifts! Cousin Sydni came prepared and was a true life-saver - she recorded all of Jaxon's gifts as he opened them! He opened about 5 and then he wanted to go play with the big boys so I did most of the rest (quickly)!

After presents it was CAKE TIME! Jaxon didn't make that big of a mess with his cake, but that's okay. It was less clean-up!

All 3 of us were so blessed with our family and friends that attended his party!

Mammaw and Pappaw

Grammy and Pop-Pop

Nana and Papa

Granny and Grandaddy

All of his grandparents

Aunt Lindsay

Mama and Dada kissing our boy

The party continued outside while Jaxon spent over an hour playing in his sand table! Then later he played with all of his toys inside. His car was definitely a hit - Thanks, Granny and Grandaddy! Another hit was the wagon - we took him for a walk on Sunday and he loved it - Thanks Grammy, Pop-Pop, Aunt Cari, Uncle Jarred, and Sydni!

Jaxon's party was a huge success! We had about 30 adults and 10 children in attendance and it went so smoothly!

I could not have done it without the help of my parents. They came early and kept Jaxon at home on Friday. During the day they chopped cheese blocks and strawberries. Then on the morning of the party they helped me to decorate. My mom served the cake and my dad did basically all of the clean-up himself.

With the beautiful weather, our amazing families and friends, and most of all, our precious little one-year-old, it was a day that we will never forget!