Friday, February 10, 2012

Jaxon Update

Today has been a little scary with our little man. Last night (Thursday) I picked him up to take him upstairs for a bath and he was burning up! He ended up having a 100.2 degree fever, so I gave him some Motrin, put him to bed, and started working on sub plans to stay home today. This morning his temp was about the same so I stayed home and we relaxed (We got our taxes done during his nap - Kevin came home because of bad weather, so that was a bonus).

At about noon I took his temp again and it was almost 101, so I called the doctor. After his nap I took him in to get checked out, but unfortunately I was unable to see his normal doctor. We saw a man that I have never seen before and will make a point to never see again. He was rough with Jaxon, he stuck the tongue depressor so far down his throat that he made him gag and THROW UP all over both of us, and to top it off I couldn't understand his accent. Anyway, he found nothing wrong and said the fever would pass in the next day or so.

Tonight Jaxon spiked a fever of 103! I called the nurse and she said not to panic until it got to 105, to bathe him in cool water, and to alternate Tylenol and Motrin every few hours through the night. As of now, he is sleeping peacefully with a 99 degree fever. I'm hoping that he can fight off whatever this is ASAP!

Before the scary fever happened, I took this adorable video of Jaxon because this morning he learned to shake his head "no." I realize that, while I think this is the cutest thing ever right now, I may get tired of it very quickly. Make sure to read the cute story at the end of the video!

Last weekend I took some cute pictures outside of Jaxon "cruising" around in his awesome car from Granny and Grandaddy. Here they are!

Have a great weekend, and please keep our little guy in your prayers,that he will be fever-free soon!

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