Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Weekend and Kevin's Ordeal

This Saturday Kevin, Jaxon and I headed to College Station to enjoy a day at my grandparents' land, which we've called the River Bottom since...well, forever. We just went for the day, and our plan was to head home around 8:30. More on that later.

It was a fun day full of buggy-riding, 4-wheeling, family, and friends! I so enjoy being with people that I love and just relaxing and having fun. Here are some pictures from the day:

Jaxon was so excited to see a tractor!

Riding with Mammaw. What more does a boy need than a stick and a rock?

Driving his cool F-150

Riding a 4-wheeler with Pappaw!

I'm rockin my lucky pink fishing boots :)

Jaxon took me for a ride!

With Aunt Lala (Lindsay)

A video of Jaxon riding with Pappaw

What fun!

As I stated earlier, we planned to leave around 8:30 (after bathing Jaxon so he could start sleeping in the car). THAT part went according to plan. It went wrong about half-way home when Kevin's glamorous, high-class, expensive crappy, falling apart, got-it-for-free trailer literally FELL APART on Highway 6.

We were driving along, Jaxon sleeping in the back, when it felt like a tire blew out. As it turns out, it was much more than a tire. A wheel, a tire, some wood, and a bunch of rusted metal now litters that stretch of Highway 6. We dragged the trailer along as it made an AWFUL scraping sound, until we got off of the highway onto someone's driveway (Kevin later made friends with the old man, who let us come in his gate so that we could be off of the dark highway). We waited there in his yard for 2.5 hours until a friend came to rescue us with a REAL trailer. We got home around midnight. Thankfully no one was hurt, and Jaxon was a trooper. Kevin was a trooper too, considering he had just put 12 hours of work into that trailer the week before.

My dad tactfully called it "Kevin's sled," after seeing the picture I messaged him that night.

I personally found the whole ordeal HILARIOUSLY funny.

I'll leave you with that image. Have a wonderful week!

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