Sunday, September 23, 2012

Houston Zoo and The Walkers' Visit

I thought Jaxon and I were going to have a boring weekend while Kevin was on his guys' hunting trip. I was so wrong! Kevin's sister Cari, her husband Jarred, and their daughter Sydni came into town to visit and they kept us very busy!!! 

Friday night after work I picked up Jaxon and met everyone at a Mexican food restaurant for dinner. Then they started karaoke and Sydni (9) and Maci (5) decided to sing a song. Jaxon jumped right up on stage and danced and clapped along with them! When it was over and everyone clapped, he was in Heaven. So much so that he went back up in front of everyone and started clapping and cheering for himself to try and initiate another round of applause.

Then on Saturday Cari and I took Jaxon and Sydni to the Houston Zoo! It was such a fun day. We saw tons of animals, got some great pictures, fed giraffes, brushed (and kissed) goats, rode the carousel, and had lunch by the giraffe habitat. 

After the zoo we headed home for a quick bath (he was getting very personal with the goats at the zoo) and a nap. Then we went back over to Nana and Papa's house for dinner and more fun. My big guy played until after 10pm and then cried when I told him it was time to go! It's been a great weekend, but we sure missed Kevin. 

Tomorrow is my catch-up day: school stuff, laundry, cleaning, and groceries. Should be fun (not)!

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