Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I am a little behind on my posting, but I want to catch up tonight by doing two posts. This first one is about Memorial Day weekend and the end of the school year. My parents wanted to keep Jaxon overnight at my Granny and Grandaddy's house on Saturday night, so we met them on their way there and dropped him off. They had a fun night with him (although he was in the midst of cutting 4 molars and pretty grumpy), and Kevin and I had a fun date night. On Sunday we woke up early and drove to Bryan to visit my family and pick up Jaxon. We spent the day hanging out and riding 4-wheelers in the "river bottom," which was a blast! Here are some pictures from the day: As you can see, Jaxon received no shortage of attention from his family. The next week, I had to work Tuesday - Thursday with the kiddos and then an in-service day on Friday to wrap up the year. Cake, right? Well it would have been, except for I came down with a raging case of strep throat on Tuesday night. I had to stay home on Wednesday and I went back to school on Thursday, though I wasn't quite ready and was still in a lot of pain. But who can miss the last day of school??? Anyway, I made it through the day and we had a raging teacher party after school. Friday we wrapped up the year, and summer began!!!

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