Sunday, October 14, 2012

Painting Pumpkins!

This weekend Jaxon has been sick (again). Grammy and Pop-Pop came in from Fort Worth and we had big plans to spend Saturday at the zoo. Instead we ended up at the weekend clinic getting him some antibiotics to treat a sinus infection and another double ear infection. He hasn't been himself at all this weekend - he hasn't eaten well, wanted to drink much, or had as much energy. Plus he's been a total monster! I think he may be starting his 2 year molars at the same time :(

So anyway, the zoo plan went out the window. So instead we decided to let him paint a couple of pumpkins for our front yard! The only problem is that it was raining, but we did it in the garage. He had a blast and made a huge mess!

Other than the pumpkins, we pretty much just stayed inside all weekend and rested. Jaxon enjoyed playing with Grammy, hugging the vacuum, and a brief outing this evening during which Daddy helped him drive his "bi tuh" (big truck)!

Hopefully our little guy will be back to himself soon!

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