Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Video Update!

I haven't written in over a week, but things have just been so busy lately! I have several pictures to catch up on, but for now I'm just going to share a few recent videos of Jaxon. He is talking NON-STOP, in complete sentences! I can almost always understand what he's saying. He is so much fun!

I have to share two quick stories before I get to the videos. Yesterday Jaxon spilled his drink all over himself while sitting at his table and eating a chocolate pretzel. He opened his mouth to cry and the pretzel fell out. He yelled "OH MAN!!!"

Then today I dropped him off at school and he said "Mommy I need check on vaccuum." Luckily his teacher understands his odd obsession and pulled it out of the closet for him. He circled it once, looking it over, patted it, and declared "Okay." He cracks me up!

Okay, onto the videos! Click the links below.

Jaxon giving me something from his gas tank!

Jaxon chasing Bella!

Jaxon's evening talking and playing!

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