Friday, April 17, 2009

So I guess I only post on Fridays now...

This week has been a whirlwind of stress and extracurricular responsibilities. I finally finished Week 2 of my Research course (which is so poorly organized and instructed that it is laughable) for Lamar after spending 26 hours on it in 6 days. I stayed late Tuesday and Thursday night at school for 5th grade science game night and a PTA meeting, respectively. I was in co-charge of planning and teaching the lesson for Girl Talk after school today. And tomorrow, I am working at the Teacher Job Fair from 8:30-2:00 (although I may scoot out early). Don't get me wrong, for the most part I would not trade any of this. All of my school responsibilites I have CHOSEN to take on and I enjoy them. It's this ridiculous class that has me pulling out my hair. It's for that reason that I had an emotional breakdown at work on Wednesday (and had to take a half-day and leave at lunch) after having a migrain induced by staying up until almost 4am that morning doing grad school. But the purpose of this post is not really to complain, so I'll move on.

On Thursday, God knew that I needed some encouragement. So he sent me this gift at recess (excuse the quality; they were taken on my phone)

Maybe it was the beautiful rainbow, or maybe it was the innocence and pure joy I say in my kids as they ran toward it in astonishment. Whatever it was gave me a fresh perspective.

I must say, I have a Tattle Book FULL of entries! It has been getting a lot of use lately! But I regret to say that I accidentally left it at school today, so that post will need to wait until Monday. Okay, not Monday because I have no life during the week anymore. Let's just be honest. At the best you're looking at next Friday. However, I do have a HILARIOUS story to tide you over.

D is a little boy in my class who is pretty much in his own world, but he is as adorable as they come. He is soft-spoken, shy, and socially awkward. On Thursday he brought a yo-yo to recess and proceeded to tell me all about how "sheep" it was. "It's so sheep, Mrs. White, it's from the Dolla Store and it's so super sheep."

I asked him if he knew how to yo-yo and he said no, so I decided to show him. I slipped the yo-yo over my finger and started to show off my mad skills. A bunch of kids gathered around to watch and some of them asked if I knew how to do any tricks. So then I made the yo-yo "sleep." You toss it down hard to the bottom of the string and it spins there for a while until you pull it back up. D was so pleased with this and asked if I could do it again. Feeling pretty good about myself (you know you're awesome when you can make a first grader's yo-yo sleep, right?), I tossed it down even harder to make it sleep longer.

That's when it happened.

The loop came off of my finger and the yo-yo flew to the ground, smashing into smithereens. The entire playground went silent as we all surveyed the damage. I was the first one to speak: "Oh D, I am sooooo, soooo sorry!"

In his squeaky voice, he just said "It's ok Mrs. White, it's no big deal. Um, it's no big deal" as he stooped down to start picking up the pieces. As I was about to start helping him, he looked down at the pieces in his hand and the several still all over the sidewalk, and then he exclaimed:

"HOLY $**t!"

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