Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tattle-Tail Tuesday!

I could post about why I haven't posted in almost two weeks...

...about how grad school is still kicking my butt
...about how Kevin and I have been yard-work maniacs in the little bit of spare time we have
...about how TAKS week is quite possibly as difficult on K-2 teachers (who lose all breaks throughout the day and spend the day with their students like caged animals) as it is on those administering it

But no.

As promised, I am going to blog about...


Here are the latest entries; see if you can read them without reading the translations. It will be a fun game.

Disclaimer #1: No matter what you may think after reading this entry, I DO supervise my class. I have absolutely NO IDEA when most of these things are happening!

Disclaimer #2: While it is a positive thing, it is slightly disappointing for the tattle book entries to be spelled correctly, simply because it is not as funny for me. First grade is nearing an end and (most of) my kids can write!!!

1. G said that I was not helping in the math center, I'm not even in the dang math center! By D.
translation: (Ok, this one needs no translation because the kid is a genius)

2. G always growns at me.
translation: G always groans at me.

3. S kept luking at me when I was writing this taddle.

4. T was boderin me and then he boderd K and then he was boderin me again.
translation: T was bothering me and then he bothered K and then he was bothering me again.

5. G sed i wus a rat
translation: G said I was a rat.

6. A hit me! (mad face) When I am on the rug S and D pull my har and mes with me. (There is a picture of a huge mad face and all capital letters taking up the whole page, saying "I AM MAD! Grrr Grrrr")

7. G did not do her fluency box.

8. When she wus doin calndr E did't pake me but when A pot at me E pake me but now she did not pake me. I am rasting my han good but she stil wot pake me. She never pake me and she pakes sumbody else but not me. She nevr pake me no day evening if I am sheoning my mawth nice but she didt pake me.
translation: When she was doing calendar, E didn't pick me but when A pointed at me she picked me, but now she did not pick me. I am raising my hand good but she still won't pick me. She never picks me and she picks somebody else but not me. She never picks me no day even if I am shutting my mouth nicely but she didn't pick me. (There is a very detailed picture with this one of her sitting on the rug with her hand raised and a big x on her mouth, with E having lines coming out of her eyes looking at someone else. Talk about a rant!!!)

9. J was heating me and pushing me down.
translation: "hitting me"

10. Look at the blue table!

11. O did not do his floosy box. He was chatter.
translation: O did not do his fluency box. He was chattering. (Nice vocab, I guess...)

12. T touched R buty.
translation: T touched R's booty. (yikes)

13. G, D, W, A, N did not do there fluency box.

14. A said a potty word. and it is poo poo.

15. K kept singing a stupid song about people dieing.

16. top secret. Stop throwing oreos at me O. (this one has a nice picture of a messenger pigeon with a case on his back. The message is spilling out of the scroll).

17. S wus not doin things in independent reading

18. M thew my new book (sad face)

19. E telled me her list (our spelling lists are leveled and it is supposed to be only your business what list you get).

20. I tri to cher up S but he sed I am a cown.
translation: I tried to cheer up S but he said I am a clown.

21. I am NOT a cowmeedan!
translation: I am not a comedian!

22. Dring the gam E tuted and when I sed it was funny she got mad at me.
translation: During the game E tooted and when I said it was funny she got mad at me.

23. O liked all over his hands right befor he touched my desk!
translation: O licked all over his hands right before he touched my desk!

You can tell which words we teach as high frequency words, huh? They're the ones that are spelled correctly that stick out among the ones which are not!

If I get a chance in the next couple of days I'll blog about the field trip to ASI Gymnastics yesterday. It was so much fun! Best field trip we do all year. There are some pics of the activities on my facebook page, for now.

Okay. Back to work.

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