Monday, June 15, 2009

Camping = Chaos

Kevin and I decided to go camping this last weekend to celebrate both my birthday and our two year anniversary. My parents were so great to buy us a big nice tent for a belated house-warming gift (funny, I know), so were were excited to use it. We made a good reservation for a site at Twin Coves on Lake Grapevine. Well, there were terrible storms on Wednesday of last week and the campgrounds were completely torn up. They were officially closed by Friday morning, the day we were supposed to head out.

So then my wonderful, sweet husband drove around for 4 HOURS Friday morning trying to find us a new spot. He finally found one fantastic spot at another camp on Lake Grapevine, The Vineyards, which was still open. It was on a cute little peninsula with water on both sides of us. We were so excited!

We rushed home from work on Friday to load the truck and headed out. Once we stopped to get ice and a few last minute things, it was almost 5pm. We unloaded ALL of our stuff at our site and began to pitch our new tent. Just then, a park attendant came over and suggested that we wait to put up our tent because some weather had changed course and was headed toward us. When I looked at my iphone, we made the decision to pack up and go home. There was grapefruit sized hail headed straight for us, and a tornado warning. 2 hours earlier it was all sun in the forecast!!!

We got home and watched the weather while we ate dinner. 2 hours later we decided to go back, as the weather never came close to us. It never even rained a drop! We put up our tent (for the first time ever) in the dark while being eaten alive by mosquitos. But at least we were there!

Saturday was great - I got terribly sunburned but I still enjoyed myself. We swam, played with our dogs, went on a nice long bike ride, and just generally relaxed and enjoyed each other's company. Saturday night we saw some light rain in the forecast so we put up our rain fly just in case, even tough it was stuffy in there. We went to bed at about 11pm.

At 12:45 in the morning the wind picked up and the porch of our tent collapsed, sending it barreling into the main part of the tent and burying me under a massive pile of tent parts. The wind also blew our rain fly right off of the tent and almost blew our entire tent into the lake. We woke up, screamed, and started packing up. We packed our entire campsite in less than 15 minutes, including deflating our air mattress. It was a mad rush of running, screaming over the wind, grouching at each other, shoving things in cars, and trying to beat the rain. Then we were off. And so ended our first camping experience.

Not so relaxing, not so smooth. But very much Meagan and Kevin. I've been told you haven't really camped until you've had an experience like ours. At least ours is out of the way now!!!

Tomorrow is our two year anniversary - I can't believe it!

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Kingdom Mama said...

It's funny that the "bad" experiences make MUCH better stories than the good ones. I'm sure you'll look back fondly on your first camping trip for many MANY years! Happy Anniversary!