Monday, January 25, 2010

We have a lot going on!

WOW. So much has happened since the last time that I posted! It's amazing, though, how all of it has ended up turning out for the better.

Kevin and I were packing up our house in Flower Mound on Thursday night preparing for the movers to come on Friday when we received a phone call from our David Weekley sales consultant. We are unable to do the elevation of our floor plan that we signed and paid earnest money for a month ago, because we are only 3.5 lots away from one of the same elevation instead of 4 full lots. We were very upset to find this out less than 2 days before our design center appointment, since I had put hours of work into making our selections and budgeting for that house. We voiced our displeasure with her and told her to cancel our appointment because we were going to have to start over. With her, she asked? We told her we didn't know. Immediately she said she would call her boss and figure something out to help us stick with DWH.

We found out the next morning that they are going to give us a bigger (by 400 sq. feet), better floor plan for the same price. The same floor plan, in fact, that we had originally wanted but moved away from because the base price was 20K too high. All of the sudden it's affordable!

So we started over with the Medlock, and went into our design center appointment on Saturday a little less prepared than I would have liked. We spent 4 hours there picking out everything from countertops, cabinets, and sinks, to tile, grout, and backsplash.I was shocked at how many choices there were and at everything that we had to pick out. David Weekley gave us a design center incentive of 10K, and we managed to stay within that budget! I am so happy with the things that we picked because we stuck with a lot of standard options and upgraded the little touches that will make a huge difference. I am in love with our master bathroom and our kitchen.

Sunday we met with our consultant again to finalize the new contract, and then Monday we met with our builder for the first time for our preconstruction meeting. We had to pick out where all of the electrical and multimedia goes in the whole house, and also decide what to move around, what walls to move or delete, etc. Wow. Then he put a "sold" sign on our lot and took a picture of us standing on it (see below).

So that's all of the news about the house. They will begin construction in about 2 weeks and be finished by early June. Now back to Friday morning in Flower Mound. Kevin begged me to stay home that day to help but I really wanted to go to work. I should have listened because I was rear ended that morning on 635. I'm okay, but my car was not so fortunate. It's got a big long scratch and a lot of paint transfer. After that happened, combined with the fact that I left a lot unfinished at home and the builders were coming at 2pm, I decided to call a sub and head home. I helped Kevin and we were ready for the movers right as they arrived. They loaded our house for 6 hours!!! And then they ran out of room in their huge truck and Kevin had to go rent a U-Haul to finish up. Saturday morning we (and the movers) put the entire contents of our home into a climate controlled storage unit. Then we headed to the design center. That was a long day.

After our builder meeting on Monday, we drove back late to Flower Mound and loaded up both of our cars with our stuff to take to Debbie's house. Kevin was very angry about the amount of clothes that I have. We got there at about 10 and unloaded and umpacked until almost midnight, when I sat down to write this blog. I am now about to go to bed because I have to leave this house (in Fort Worth) at 6am to be at my school (in North Dallas) at a decent time. Wish me luck.

Here are some pictures.

In front of our pile of dirt:

Our new floor plan (3000 sq. feet). We are switching the powder room and utility room and knocking out a wall to make a larger utility room. We are also converting the formal living room to a study with french doors and adding a back porch. We'll also add a fireplace (yes, that is an upgrade - weird, I know).

This is our elevation on a different house. We will have maroon brick, and the center point of the house will be made of white flagstone.

We close on the sale of our home here on Wednesday afternoon, and then the last thing that needs to fall into place is me finding a job for next year!!!

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