Friday, February 19, 2010

The BIG Update

I wrote the other day about how I had some news to share, but that I wasn't able to yet. As you know, Kevin has started a job in Houston and I was planning on staying at my school for the rest of the school year. I have been living with Kevin's mom in Fort Worth, and the drive has been very long and has added 2-4 hours to each of my already long days.

This, combined with the fact that I was apart from my husband, made for a very difficult situation. About 2 weeks ago, an opportunity literally fell into my lap for a third grade reading/language arts position in an excellent district and school just north of Houston. I took a day trip down there (long drive!) and interviewed. The next Tuesday I was offered the position, and I will start next Friday.

This all happened so fast! The Lord has taken care of everything for Kevin and I so far, and I had to take this opportunity because I feel like it is the next step that He has provided. It has been an incredibly dificult and emotional decision because I love my job so much. I have some of the best friends and colleagues that you could ever imagine there. I also teach the most smart, funny, loving, and adorable children that I have ever met. My heart has been torn between being with my husband and being at my job. Once I broke it down and looked at it simply, the choice was clear. I need to be with my family.

My principal has been more understanding and supportive than I ever could have dreamed. It has been hard on her, just like it will be on a lot of people involved, but everyone is handling it so well. We have found a great teacher to take my place, who happens to be moving down from Mississippi at the exact same time to be with her own family in Dallas. If you ask me, that doesn't seem to be a coincidence.

The reason that I needed to wait until today to write this news is because this is the day that I told my class the sad news. I wanted them to know first before too many people found out about it. It was a ery emotional day for all of us, but I know that they will be okay and they are in great hands at my school.

I will be working on Monday and Tuesday, and then will use Wednesday to make the move. Kevin and I already have a small apartment down there while they are building our house. Thursday I will sign paperwork at HR, Friday I will meet my kids and spend the day observing at my new school, and then I start teaching on Monday!

I have been working until almost 8pm every day this week because I'm trying to make this transition. It's tricky leaving in the middle of the year, because my kids are so used to all of my supplies, creations, routines, etc. I have been working on very detailed notes about every, single, teeny-tiny thing that I can think of. The poor new teacher is going to be so overwhlemed. I also wrote full lesson plans (as if for a substitute) for the first week I am gone. I have been recreating bulletin boards, posters, my small group files, and anything else that I want to take with me. If I didn'f I would feel as if I was robbing my students. I just started packing my classroom tonight, and I still have a lot to do.

After our emotional conversation today, I played a game with my students to lighten the mood. Everyone ended up leaving happy! During the game, my back was to the white board. Apparantly the kids who were eliminated were writing me notes on it. I took pictures of their sweet, sentimental notes after school. Here they are:

Do you see why I am going to miss them so much? They are amazing little people!

Have a great weekend!


Jody and Janell said...

Oh Meagan!
I have not been exactly in your shoes, but pretty close. I also had to make a very hard decision for my family and leave my kids.
I pray you have a very nice transition. You are so right: God has His hands all over this.

We will be praying!
J and the gang!

Sandra said...

I am so excited for you and Kevin! I know you are sad to leave, but as God has provided each step for ya'll, He will take care of your special little students. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with ya'll next!! Love you both, Aunt Sandra

AlanC said...

Throughout your life, you have heard me say "Coincidence is what happens when God chooses to remain anonymous." We have watched Him open doors for you, all the way through this huge transition, and we have watched you faithfully welcome and accept the opportunities that He is providing. Always remember to find time to be still and listen to His whisper, and your choices will continue to be made with clarity, confidence, and abundant blessings.

You are absolutely amazing and I love you!