Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exciting Stuff is Happening!

I know I haven't written in a while, but things (again) have been super busy. Kevin and I have watched our house being completed over the last two weeks. There have been a lot of last-minute things that needed to be changed or fixed, but as of today they are all finished. Which is great, because...


I just got the email and I had to share the news. In case you don't know why that is such a big deal, I'll briefly tell you. Since we bought our first home two years ago, lending guidelines have gotten ridiculously tight and it is very difficult to get a loan. Add that to the facts that we both have brand new jobs in a new city, that much of Kevin's income is based on (at this point,un-provable) commission, and that I took a short term pay cut of 1/3 of my salary through August. As you can imagine, receiving final loan approval is a huge blessing and relief. The last 3 months have been a rollercoaster of emotions and we feel so blessed and proud to be buying this house.

At the same time that the final things have been working with our loan, they have put the finishing touches on our home. I am very pleased overall with the amount of detail and care that has been put into it. For example, as you know Bella is a very small, 6 pound dog. She also likes to escape. With our brand new fence and undeveloped lots surrounding our back yard, we had significant gaps under part of our fence. We asked our builder to fix it and, like a hero, he had the fence guys do a very nice patch job along the bottom so my baby girl is contained and safe. This is a small job, but the kind of above-and-beyond that means a lot to me. We also had a small imperfection in the silestone in our master bath and when the patch job didn't look perfect, they replaced the entire slab. We feel well taken care of.

This week has been full of packing! We did not even take that much with us into our tiny apartment, but it is amazing how quickly our little family has spread out and filled up the place. I am starting to get stressed out thinking about the move this weekend, but I know it will go smoothly.

Tomorrow we will close on the house at 3pm and go to pick up our keys. From there, we will go straight to the house and seal all of the grout between every piece of tile in our house. We'll also be sealing the granite and the slate backsplash. It will be a lot of work, but it'll be exciting at the same time.

Saturday morning Kevin is going to pick up 3 guys who used to work for him at the golf course here, who we're paying to help us move. He will go with them to pick up the truck we're renting and work on moving our things from the storage room into the house, and setting furniture up. I'll be moving clothing kitchen stuff, etc. from our apartment to the new house and then supervising the guys as they bring stuff in. It will be another long day! Then on Saturday night we will spend our first night in the house. :)

There are other thigns to write about, but my break is almost over and this is the major thing on my mind right now, anyway! Have a wonderful day!!!


Sandra said...

Whoo-hoo!! I have been checking regularly to see the final pictures of your house. I am so excited for you and Kevin!! Hope to get to visit you in your new home some day. Love you,

Aunt Sandra

debbie white said...

Ya'll are very blessed the way things have fallen into place for you guys. The house looks lovely inside and out, wow alot of work..
See you in couple weeks....

Mamajo and Eric