Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pictures of our (almost) completed home!

The last few days has been a whirlwind for Kevin and I. On Friday we closed on our house with no problems, and then headed straight over here to seal our tile, slate, and granite. We worked until very late, and thus were already tired when we started our move at 7am on Saturday. We worked until about 1am on Sunday and then slept for a few hours and started again at about 8am. Again, we worked until 2am in the morning that day. Sunday also included a (not so) fun trip to Lowe's in which we shopped for 3 hours and filled a basket and three flat beds with our goods. Yikes. This is a picture of us checking out, but they already turned one of our flats around the corner!

We got a water softener and supplies to go with it, a utility sink, a trash can, and a ton of light fixtures and fans. We also got under cabinet lighting. What a day!

Yesterday Kevin's dad came over to help him put up light fixtures and fans while I met with the blinds company who is doing our custom blinds, which will be in on Friday!

Everything was going incredibly well, until I found fleas on Bella last night. That's right - there are fleas in our yard, and now possibly in our brand new house. There's not much out here, so I guess bugs are a problem. I went to Walmart at 11pm to get flea spray and took care of the dogs to the best of my ability. Now we have the exterminator coming tomorrow to do a full indoor and outdoor treatment, plus the customary first visit to get us started on a quarterly schedule. This is going to cost us $400. OUCH!

Okay, that's all I'm going to write for tonight. The rest will all be pictures. Enjoy!

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ShelbeeDawn said...

I am SOOOOOO impressed!! How can you have all of that stuff unpacked and looking so nice in such a few short days!? IM-PRES-IVE! :)