Thursday, July 15, 2010

Recent Events and a Mohawk

A lot has been going on since my last post! First, I traveled to San Antonio for the week to visit my family. I had so much fun and it was so nice to spend time with them! Kevin, of course, was not able to go with me. Unfortunately not everyone gets the summers off! My sister and I spent some time together and got some sun, we all spent lots of time just sitting and talking with each other, and we went to a friend's pool on Saturday for a cook-out. The most exciting part was when my mom, Lindsay, and I went to go look at baby things! Of course it is not time to buy anything yet, but it was fun to do some initial research. My mom bought this adorable, soft teddy bear that has "Baby's First Teddy" monogrammed on its foot.

While I had a lot of fun, I really missed Kevin. When I came home on Monday he had made the bed (GASP), vaccuumed, and bought me some pretty pink flowers. It was so sweet! It has been nice to be home, cooking for my husband and relaxing in my own home.

Something exciting has happened over the last week! My belly has started to show the first signs of growing a baby in there! Look:

Crazy, huh?

I have also felt remarkably better recently. I think my body is finally adjusting to the pregnancy. My only problem lately is that I'm having trouble sleeping (suggestions welcome, experienced Mommies). I think my problem is that I'm a tummy sleeper, and that has recently become very uncomfortable. I'm sure I'll adjust to a new way of sleeping soon. Hopefully before I go back to school!

I've been doing a few little projects around the house, but I usually try to limit it to 1-2 per day because I get really tired. Today my project was to organize our attic - the last part of our move that was incomplete. The boxes weren't too heavy so I was able to move them around, but it was SO HOT up there! I got everything all grouped and then labeled the different sections - Christmas, Fall/Halloween, School, Baby, etc. I'm feeling very accomplished!

While I was in the attic I found a TON of baby things that I have been stashing (mostly books, it's the teacher in me) away for some time now, but had almost forgotten about. That was exciting! I also found a whole box of pants that I wore after I gained my Freshman...let's just call it 15 for my own humility. The pants range from 1-3 sizes bigger than I wear now so it will be nice to have them in the coming months!

Aside from projects, I have been hanging out a lot with neighbors and friends. I spend a lot of time at our pool and have been watching a lot of TLC and Discovery Health baby shows. Usually they make me cry, and I've learned to embrace it. Haha.

I'm going to leave you with a funny story, at Kevin's expense. He went to get a haircut earlier this week, and took a shower later that night. When he got out of the shower and dried his head off, he realized that he had been given a mohawk! He flew out of the bathroom in a shocked rage and demanded that I take pictures of the damage so that he could WRITE A LETTER OF DISAPPROVAL to Great Clips. Before I share the pictures, I will say that they fixed it the next day and his hair is fine, albeit a little short, now. Okay, here you go!

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Smash~* said...

holy cow that's a hilarious haircut. go great clips! congrats on the baby bump!