Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Jaxon

Dear Jaxon,

I think it's time I wrote about the day you were born and your first (almost) three weeks of life. The whole experience has been exciting, amazing, exhausting, emotional, and awesome all at the same time! You are a little miracle and such a blessing to our family. You have already taken over our lives!

On February 1, 2011 I went for my 39 week doctor's appointment. I told your Daddy that morning that I was hoping that the doctor would send me straight to the hospital to have you, but then we laughed about it because we did not think it would happen that way. Well, I got my wish! The doctor called the hospital and they told him that they had room for me that day and that I should go straight there! I went home and got your Daddy and all of our bags, and off we went!

We checked into the hospital at about 11am and they started the pitocin at 11:30. By 2:30 the doctor broke my water and then it started to get pretty painful, but soon after that I got an epidural so the pain wasn't so bad anymore. I began pushing at 6:30pm and the nurse quickly discovered that you were not in a good position, since your little face was pointed up instead of down. They tried to turn you and I kept pushing for almost 3 hours, but it became clear that you were stuck. That's when the doctor told me that I should consider having a c-section for the health and safety of both of us, so that's what I did. I was upset at first, but it was the right decision! We headed back to the operating room and you were born at 9:32pm. It was the most amazing experience of my life and your Daddy's to see you for the first time and hear your first cries.

We stayed in the hospital for 39 hours and since we were both recovering so well we were released more than a day early. We went home on February 3rd, a Thursday. Since we've been home I think we have all been learning a lot! You and I have learned to nurse together, your Daddy and I have learned how to work together to take care of you, I have learned how to take care of your clogged and infected tear duct, and you are learning new things every day at an amazing pace! I am so proud of you because you can already turn your head to find our voices, lift yourself up onto your elbows, and you smile all the time! You are also already sleeping in 3-4 hour blocks throughout the night. You are a wonderful baby!

Too much has happened during the last 3 weeks to write about all of it, so I am going to tell the rest of our story with pictures. I love you more than words can say, little guy!

And here is your 1-week picture, taken on February 8th:

The next one I'll take will be next week for your 1-month! I look forward to many more hours, days, weeks, months, and years of sweet memories with you! We love you, baby boy.

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