Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jaxon's Half-Birthday Celebration!

I got the idea from my neighbor and friend, Michele, to celebrate Jaxon's half-birthday. With a February 1st birthday so close to Christmas, the rest of the year is a long time to wait for a celebration with presents!

So I made Jaxon a cake with 1 1/2 candles (I chose strawberry because he loves strawberries and strawberry milk)...

Jaxon helped me with the batter and the icing!

and I bought him a few little gifts (I spent about $15 total)...

And we had us a celebration!

And here are Jaxon's 18 month pics:

Jaxon's 18 month stats:

Head: 19.5 in (90%)
Height: 33 in (72%)
Weight: 24lb, 6oz (30%)

He is developmentally on target in some areas, but advanced in most. He is perfectly healthy, although our pediatrician will always refer to him as "Fistula Jaxon" because of his little bottom problem earlier in life. We are so incredibly blessed and thankful for our healthy, active, adorable little boy!

And in other news...Jaxon got a plasma car! This is the coolest thing ever. It is propelled just by steering the wheel. He loves it...

But Mama loves it even more!

I'll leave you with one last pic of my cool guy!

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