Friday, August 17, 2012

Third Grade Classroom 2012-2013!

After working for 4 days (and about 18 hours) this week, it's finally done! Next week I will return to work for professional development and then the next week I'll meet my new kiddos. The summer has certainly flown by. Jaxon began Montessori this week and has had a tough time adjusting, which I was expecting. Each day has gotten a little better than the last though, and he has been a trooper. Next week should be easier for the little guy!

Here are some pics of my classroom:

The wall space above the cabinets is for academic vocabulary for the year for science, math, and reading/language. The cabinets are empty because they'll hold our anchor charts as we make them throughout the year.

Teacher small group area. The bookcase hold materials for small group for math and reading.

These cubbies used to be for the switch class, but now that we're self-contained they'll hold all of our textbooks.

Front of the room

I am already in love with these bookcases for each table group. They hold math manipulatives, privacy folders, notebook paper, supplies, and a small trash can.

Math calendar wall and behavior chart that I made

Writing vocabulary rings and stations charts to be used with clothespins

For when kids are absent

back of the room

Classroom library and stations buckets ready to be loaded

I hate taping nametags to desks every year!!!

The supplies on top of the bookcases. I've always wanted to organize our crayons like this to cut back on the "WAIT! I CAN"T FIND A RED!!!!"

Teacher area

Close-up of my shelf by the small group table. I'm bringing my label maker next week so WATCH OUT!!!

Close up of student bookcases, not yet labeled

StarBoard area, homework, and ticket out the door (for post-it note answers to questions)

So there you have it! I'm excited and ready to begin a new year and a new adventure :)

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