Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Kevin and I had a fun-filled weekend, as I hope all of you did as well! We spent most of our time at my grandparents' land near their home in Bryan. They have a bunch of 4 wheelers, a Ranger, and a trailer set up down there. We grilled, ate way too much, and got waaaaay too muddy. But it was a blast! We also went fishing, which brings me to a funny story:

We were fishing in the Navasota river, which apparantly is not supposed to have any bass in it. But I was feeling silly, so I declared, like in the movie Napoleon Dynamite, that I was going to catch a "delicious bass." Everyone laughed at me, saying that there was absolutely no way that it was going to happen, and that I was fishing in the wrong body of water. Seriously, no more than 5 minutes later, I caught a DELICIOUS BASS!!! My family justified it by saying that the recent flooding had introduced new fish from nearby lakes into the river. I chalk it up to my favorite saying:

If you believe, you will succeed!!!!

Don't pay attention to the extreme fashion crime I am committing in the above photo.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time this weekend with my family, as we always do. We left early this morning to head home because we HAD a lot of stuff to do today. I say HAD, because all of that went out the window when we went to "look" at bikes. We ended up buying one for each of us, and then spent the afternoon riding around our neighborhood and others close by. A neighbor kid came with us one time and showed us some "sweet trails and jumps." Apparantly we should be training on those before we head to Grapevine lake and tackle the 18 miles of off-road trails that we want to. Sounds like a good idea to me! We didn't get any of our stuff done today, but we had a good time together, which is more important to me :)

In other news, there are only 8 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!!! This year has been stressful and has truly tested my patience and strength. But I have learned more this year than I probably ever have or ever will in another single year. I'm a better teacher because of this year, so I'm thankful for the experience.

That having been said, let's hope these last 8 days FLY BY.

After that I'll begin teaching summer school, but only for 18 days. My summer will officially begin on July 2nd, and then I'll be done with first grade! I'm looking forward to my move to third :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful, short week!

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