Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting Started on the Nursery

As of last week, our plan was to:

1. Find out the gender (in 10 DAYS on the 22nd)!!!
2. Pick out bedding
3. Paint the nursery to match
4. Buy furniture

We already went out of order. Last week I realized that the amount of money we are willing and able to spend on nursery furniture was not going to get us the good-quality, nice stuff that I want for the baby. So I started watching Craigslist to see if I could find a nice set used, for a much lower price. Yesterday morning I checked and there it was! It was the exact set I've pictured in my mind - for a great deal! I called the lady and Kevin and I went to go look at it, withdrawing cash on the way just in case. I knew it was what I wanted, so we decided that as long as it was in decent condition it was too great of a deal to pass up.

The minute I saw it I was in love. I had to have it. These people kept an immaculate house and had taken such great care of the furniture! There was not a scratch on it. So we bought it and brought it home! I got it all cleaned up (just like new) last night and Kevin put the crib together today. It's all set up in Baby's room - and it will just need to be moved when we get ready to paint (Step 1).

I've included some pictures below. It's a Simmons brand Venetian style set in dark cherry. It came with the convertible crib, tall dresser, and dresser/changing table combo. The lady threw in her changing pad and Pottery Barn Kids cover, which is in the wash as we speak. She also tried to give me their mattress and glider, but I would rather purchase those things new.

The only thing we still need to buy are a couple of shelves for books and toys, the mattress, the glider, and some sort of lamp for the dresser.

Here you go!

Kevin building his baby's crib:

The room so far:

In the last picture I tried to get a shot of the whole room. The glider will go in front of the windows and the wall that you can't see (to the left of the camera) will be for the shelving and toys.

Also, Baby White has begun building his or her wardrobe! I have a feeling this will begin to grow significantly after next week ;)

Thank you for loving and supporting us as we take this HUGE next step in our lives. We feel so blessed to have great family and friends to support us.

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