Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's a BOY!!!

It's official!

Jaxon Wayne White will join our family on February 7th, 2011 (although he is measuring a bit ahead of schedule)! This is not surprising since I was almost 11 pounds at birth and I'm told that Kevin was about 9 pounds 5oz. So Jaxon gets his size naturally :)

We had our 20 (plus) week appointment today and the doctor told us that everything looked great and healthy. Jaxon's heart is pumping nice and strong, his other organs are in the right place and seem to be functioning, and his spine, legs, and head are all the right size. He weighs about 1 pound.

He was very cooperative today during the appointment and stayed still long enough for the doctor to get his measurements, other than for a short time when he had an adorable case of the hiccups. Also he kept hiding his private parts with his little foot, but Dr. Montgomery found a way around that! It was very apparant that he is a little boy.

Kevin and I could not be more happy! We wanted a little boy so badly but were afraid to talk too much about it, for fear that we would feel guilty if it ended up being a girl. I know our families are excited as well. It feels so real now, more than ever!

I have learned a few things so far about Jaxon, just from carrying him. He loves music, and he loves food! So he shares his Daddy's middle name, his love for food and music, and who knows what else?!? Hopefully not his love for driving me crazy, or else I am in for it!

After we left our appointment we went to JC Penny and bought Jaxon his first gender-specific outfits. It was fun picking out his little clothes together, and we both really enjoyed it. You can see a picture of his new clothes below, after the ultrasound pics.

Another great thing happened this week - last night Kevin felt Jaxon kicking a lot! He had his hand on my stomach and Jaxon kicked it several times with full force. It was very special, and it's been one of (maybe the most) exciting weeks of my life.

Enjoy the pics! As usual, our ultrasound pics are not much to see. The first one is of his face - if you look closely you can see eyes and a mouth. The second one is head and spine.

Thanks for celebrating with us! We appreciate your ongoing support and prayers for the healthy growth of our BABY BOY! Love you all!

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Stephanie & Kevin said...

YEA!!!!! I am so excited for y'all!