Sunday, October 17, 2010

24 Weeks = 6 Months!!!

WOW! Time has really been flying by lately! I cannot believe that I am nearing the end of my second trimester and that we'll be meeting our son in such a short time.

We are now 24 weeks along, and I'm getting bigger:

I've been feeling great lately, with the exception of the never-ending backaches. Jaxon kicks almost all day, every day. Usually I love it, but sometimes he kicks my bladder really hard, which doesn't feel great. The other night Kevin and I watched either his head or his butt slide all the way across my belly. It was really neat!

On Friday, one of my students' mothers brought me a WHOLE BUNCH of little boy clothes. I had fun on Saturday sorting through them, but not as much fun laundering them. I did two huge piles of baby laundry and then got everything sorted by age and put into his closet and dressers. Look at all of this (free) stuff!

Then we went to The Dump (a wholesale furniture store, not a landfill) to look for a chair for the nursery. We had already decided to go with something a little more cozy and comfy than one of those wood-framed gliders. We also wanted something that we could use in another part of the house after we don't need it in Jaxon's room anymore. We found an AWESOME chair on clearance for under $300. It's a plush, big, comfy, rocking, reclining, massaging piece of Heaven. I took a nice nap in it today! Here's Bella breaking it in:

Last week I bought and built these shelves for his things:

We are now finished buying furniture for the nursery, and we are getting closer to having his room all ready for him. It's so exciting!

Aside from getting ready for Jaxon, Kevin and I have both been pretty busy with work. I have my maternity leave all figured out, documents signed, and have started preparing lesson plans and materials for the time that I'll be out - which is only 5 weeks. I know it's a long time away, but I will be able to relax once everything is prepared!

We've also enjoyed hanging out with our friends for the last couple of weekends. It's nice to have people over and not do anything fancy. Next weekend we have a wedding to attend and I'm trying to figure out a dress that I can wear without looking completely ridiculous. We've also bee trying out different Life Groups for our church, trying to find a good fit for us.

Alright, it's bed time! Have a great week!

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