Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jaxon's Temple Shower - 1.8.11

It's been a few weeks since I posted. At 36 weeks pregnant, my nesting instinct is in FULL swing and I am keeping myself busy doing things around the house. You know, Jaxon will be very dissappointed in me if he comes home to dusty blinds or shower doors with hard water deposits on them... LOL. I realize how ridiculous it is, but it's not stopping me!

Kevin and I took a day trip to Temple yesterday where we had another baby shower for Jaxon. His Aunts Sandra, Donna, and Marsha threw it for us at Donna and Jim's coffee shop in Belton. It was so nice! Rather than write all about it, I'll show you with pictures and captions:

There were these ADORABLE sports-themed cookies and cupcakes:

These are our hostesses. The picture is so orange because the camera was on the wrong setting:

Kevin and I in front of the snack table:

He was a proud Daddy! He opened every single of of Jaxon's gifts himself :)

The family gathered around to watch us open Jaxon's gifts:

We got some very special things - including three handmade blankets! Jaxon is a very loved little boy already.

For some reason, Kevin kept smelling all of the baby gifts!

A few more fun shots of the shower:

Before leaving town, we had dinner at a favorite place (Jody's). It was delicious! Then we drove home and unpacked all of Jaxon's things. You KNOW I couldn't go to bed until it was done! I even washed his new bottles last night :)

It was a wonderful day full of love and family!

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