Monday, December 19, 2011


We will be having Jaxon's FIRST BIRTHDAY celebration in just 5 weeks! It absolutely blows my mind. Being a teacher, I am off of work for the next two weeks (YES!!!!!) so I am taking advantage of my freedom by preparing for the party ahead of time. The spring semester at school starts off crazy and doesn't slow down, so Jaxon's party will be on us before we know it!

I picked out invitations but haven't ordered them yet because I want to take a better picture for them. I lined up someone in San Antonio to do his cake, but I am still working on a design. I may try to incorporate the giraffe from Gigglebellies into it.

Today I went to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Dollar Tree to get things to make my decorations. Here's what I have so far:

I painted these frames and hot glued the giraffes onto them. I'll put pictures of giraffes from online and also pics of Jaxon in his giraffe costume, playing with giraffes, etc in them!


I filled these candle holders with rocks and a small candle and tied giraffe ribbon around them. I filled the hurricane glass with the same rocks, and sticks (safari?)

My favorite part of all is the crown I made for him! I found this blue one online and I loved it, but it was WAY too expensive and I figured I could make one more customized for a fraction of the price. I bought felt, some iron on letters, embroidery thread, and this is what I made:

I am also making him a shirt. It will be brown with a number one in the same giraffe felt with blue embroidery letters spelling JAXON across it.

I also bought a lot of scrapbook paper to make birthday banners for him. I already planned them out but I need to use the di-cuts after school one day to cut my paper:

I ordered this poster and I am going to hang it up and have people sign it instead of a guest book, and then frame it for him as a memory.

I am so excited for my little guy to have his party! But FIRST, we get to enjoy his first CHRISTMAS! We are so blessed.

I took some very cute bathtub pics tonight:

I love Christmas break. I love party planning. I love my little guy. I LOVE MY LIFE!

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, and I love knowing how happy you are. You've done such a wonderful job with Jaxon's birthday party. He's a very blessed little boy who is such a blessing to all of us. I agree that life is truly good. Mommy