Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Organization, Kevin's apron, new Jaxon pics!

After Christmas we had a massive overflow of toys and play things downstairs. Our living room had become a Jaxon explosion. We haven't been using the game room because we have only played downstairs, but we decided to move some toys upstairs and split our time between playing both places. I bought a toy chest using gift cards to keep up there. After all, we do love our game room! Anyway, our living room still has toys but it is much more manageable and still looks like an adult house, and we LOVE Jaxon's new play room.



I moved all of Jaxon's books into his room. Each night after putting on his pj's we pick out a book to read. He grabs one and says "Dis" (this). So cute!

So there you have it, our minor home improvements.

Today I did a photo shoot with Jaxon to try and get a good one for his first birthday invitations. I got some good shots but I had to play with the lighting in Photoshop to make them look their best. Here's a few of them.

Last thing: Tonight Kevin grilled brats for dinner and he wore his new personalized apron. Not only did he allow me to photograph him, he also did tricks for me!!!

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