Monday, December 12, 2011

Letter to Jaxon

It was on my heart to write to Jaxon tonight, which is partly why I got my blog back up and running.

Dear Jaxon,

I cannot believe that you are already more than ten months old! It does not seem as though you have been with us that long. These last 10 months have been absolutely the best months of our life. You have brought a joy to your Dada and I that we never knew existed.

We love to watch you play and learn new things. We love to listen to you babble and talk. We think it is so funny how you point at everything. You make us laugh every day! Your little personality is actually quite large to be so young!

We love that you are a cuddle-bug. I always tease you and ask if you are my stink-bug or my cuddle-bug, but the truth is that you are both. I love when you crawl over to me and give me a hug and a kiss. It makes everything alright in my entire world. Your Dada loves to hear you say his name. We both think it is so funny how you yell “DADA!” any time I am giving you medicine or doing anything else that you don’t like. He says it’s because he’s your superhero and I think he’s right. I hope that your Dada is always your superhero.

Your laugh is the sweetest sound that either of us has ever heard. And you laugh all of the time! You think Tex and Bella are hilarious, especially when they will actually let you touch them! You also laugh when we chase you, tickle you, or play silly games with you. Your favorite thing is to be tossed around and hung upside down!

Tonight after your story and prayer, when I tucked you in, you wrapped your little arms around my neck and laid your head on my shoulder. I promised you that I will love you more and more every single day of my life. And just when we think it’s not possible to love you any more, I will wake up the next day and I will! I mean it.

You are a blessing to everyone who knows you, Jaxon Wayne. We love you!
Mama and Dada

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, and I'm so glad your starting it back up. This letter to Jaxon is beautiful. You and Kevin are wonderful parents, and we love all three of you so much. Mommy