Sunday, March 4, 2012

Houston Zoo - March 3rd

On Saturday, Kevin and I took Jaxon back to the zoo. It was an incredible day and we had such good family time!

Jaxon's favorite part, of course, was petting the goats. I'm telling you, our kid LOVES goats! Here are some pictures and a video!

We were also pleasantly surprised to be there at giraffe feeding time! Jaxon and I were able to stand up on a balcony, face-to-face with 3 giraffes, and feed them pieces of lettuce. It was so cool and Jaxon was absolutely in awe of his favorite animal!

He loved the giraffes so much that we decided to get a drink at a little restaurant right by their habitat so that we could keep watching them.

We decided to become zoo members yesterday, so we are able to take Jaxon any time we want now, with our year-long pass. I'm sure I will spend a lot of time with him there this summer. We can also go to a lot of other national zoos for free of 1/2 off with our zoo pass!

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