Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trip to San Antonio

On Saturday morning Kevin, Jaxon, and I headed out for San Antonio to visit my family. We arrived at about 10am and had breakfast and then just stayed in around the house because it was raining and cold. Jaxon got some quality time with Great Big Mom, Mammaw, Pappaw, and Aunt Lindsay. (Some of these pictures aren't from Saturday, and they are all out of order because of Blogger,but just go with it)! You'll see in a couple of pictures that Pappaw taught him to whack things with a stick (including a poor little pill bug), and Great Big Mom taught him to "cook" with her in the kitchen :)

On Sunday after church we went to Alamo Cafe to eat and then Jaxon took a nap. After that we went down to the zoo to ride the little train. Jaxon LOVED it!

Then we took a quick walk through the Sunken Gardens, although we had to make it VERY quick because Jaxon was turning into a grouchy little monster!

Kevin came home Monday morning and Jaxon and I went out to lunch with Mammaw, Pappaw, and Aunt Lindsay. Then Jaxon spent the afternoon shopping with all of the girls. And by shopping I mean running around like a lunatic, screaming in stores, attempting to shoplift, and generally humiliating his Mommy. We came home with Aunt Lindsay today (Tuesday). It was a wonderful trip!

Since I'm on Spring Break this week with Jaxon, we will be having lots of fun! I plan to take him to the zoo with neighbors tomorrow, to the rodeo petting zoo with Kevin on Thursday or Friday, and to Bryan to ride 4 wheelers with family on Saturday! I love Spring Break!

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Anonymous said...

We loved having all of us together. It was truly a wonderful weekend! Mommy