Sunday, March 18, 2012


On Saturday the three of us drove to Bryan to visit my Grandparents and meet my parents there to do some 4-wheeling in the mud! It was a wonderful day with family! Here are some pictures:

Helping Daddy air up the tires on the buggy

Wild Child!

All of us in our buggy (there was a caravan of buggies and 4-wheelers)

Pretending to drive with Pappaw!

Picking flowers :)

Granny kept finding him sticks to whack things with!

Riding with Mammaw and Aunt Tina

Crazy windblown hair!

In front of the huge, old pine tree

Aunt Tina and Granny decided to teach Jaxon the wonders of mud.

Playing with pine cones

Love this - Walking with my parents

Playing in the pine needles

With Grandaddy

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