Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The dump is the smelliest place on earth... seriously. I would know.

So Kevin convinced me to help him tear out 2/3 of the plant life in our jungle of a backyard. We ripped out bushes, vines, and even small trees. During the 5 hour dilemma, I got sunburned, cranky, and made friends with several spiders and chiggers. In fact, some chiggers now call my legs HOME. But that's not even the best part.

We ended up with an over-stuffed trailer and the back of his truck full of junk. Where do you suppose this junk had to go? To the DUMP. So here I go with him to the dump...and if you know me, you understand that this is a very spectacular thing for me to be doing.

We pull up and are handed two neon green hard hats and reflective vests. Apparantly we are not allowed to be at the "dump site" without them. As a teacher, the first thing I thought was LICE. Who knows who has had this on their head??? I was so busy trying to figure out how to line the inside of the hat with two socks and some kleenex that I did not even realize the scene we were approaching. When I looked up I saw multiple garbage trucks dumping their loads onto the most disgusting pile of trash ever. There were also three bulldozers crushing and crunching it up into an ungodly mess. Kevin parked the trailer no more than 10 feet from this commotion.

As I stepped out of the truck, my gag reflex set in and I spent the remaining 10 minutes (felt like an hour) suppressing my "sick." I have never lifted such massive amounts of brush and bricks so quickly in my life. I just wanted to get out of there.

I am never going to the dump again in my life. That's right Kevin. NEVER.

...but at least we have a nice, clean slate to work with in our backyard. The jungle is no more.

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