Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Time Blogger

Howdy everyone! I have never done the blogging thing before, but since I am extremely bored this summer I decided to give it a try.

A little about myself: I have been happily married to my husband for one year now, and I am a first grade teacher in Richardson ISD. I have two dogs - a lab mix and a chihuahua. My husband and I just bought a house in Flower Mound, Texas and we love it. I have a fantastic, loving family and amazing friends. I pretty much consider my life to be as close to perfect as they come - and I thank God for every aspect of it. That's why I chose to title my blog "Counting My Blessings;" I am extremely blessed!!!

This is my first summer as a teacher, and thus my first summer with absolutely nothing to do. Kevin says I need to work this summer. I told him that I AM going to work... work on my TAN! If the paycheck is still coming, I deserve my break!

This last year of teaching was pretty much amazing. I fell in love with every single one of my students; we were like a little family. On the last day of school I cried more times than I can remember. I already miss them, and it is going to be hard to see them come down the hall and pass my classroom to go on to second grade. I'm proud, but sad at the same time. First grade is a hilarious place to be. Let me give you a brief recap of my year by listing the top 10 memorable moments (and believe me, there were many more that I cannot remember, and I left my journal at school over the summer):

10) I am not a gullible person, but one of my 6 year old students convinced me that he had a tiger for a pet. He knew what to say his mom fed him...everything about him! This was at the beginning of the year, before I learned never to underestimate that kid.

9)One child was obsessed with Chuck Norris and decided to give Karate lessons to all of the grade level at recess. That was sure fun to watch.

8) One girl wrote a new ending to the Three Little Pigs in which the wolf was angry because the little pigs busted in on him while he was "using the bathroom."

7)After I had a tiny temper tantrum one day, directed at one certain student...another one chimed in and stated "Wow Mrs. White, you sure have a way with children!" and subsequently rolled his eyes.

6) A girl told her mom, when asked if I liked to drink coffee, "I don't think she really likes it, but she drinks it so that she can put up with us at 8:00 in the morning." -- oops. They'll repeat anything.

5) "Mrs. White! On Friday, my dad ran me, my mom, and my sisters out of the house and then he drank A LOT of beers!" (If the parents only knew what they told me :))

4) A kid told me he wanted to bring me a present, and then asked him I liked pets. Then he went on to ask me if I liked SLIMY PETS. The next day he brought me a frog in a little cage, which sadly died by lunch time.

3) The first time my husband met my class, one student yelled out at him: "HEY! When are you gonna get a kid with Mrs. White???"

2) After a rough day with one student in particular, he told me that I should be Squidward for Halloween because I'm "kinda mean."


1) When making observations about a class Venn diagram that we had just completed, one student stated that it looked like "testicals." THAT was an interesting conversation that ensued.

I'm sure the upcoming year will bring many more laughs :)


Emily said...

Hi Meagan! I love your blog :) I absolutely enjoyed reading your "Top 10's" for your class. Hilarious! I can't wait to be apart of this! Ttul!

AlanC said...

Hi Boo,
Even though I've already heard most of these stories, I still laughed out loud when I read your posts. I love you and I'm really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
ps: what are you cooking for me this weekend?

Meagan White said...

I forgot one of the funniest things!!

This little boy had a tag in his shirt that was bothering him and I hadn't cut it out yet (I don't like to do that). I just kept tucking it back in for him and he was getting really annoyed.

Finally he comes up to me, exasperated, and says "WILL YOU PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS? IT IS REALLY [tugs on ear enthusiastically] EAR-itating ME!!!"

Get it? With the ear? I loved that kid :)

Mandy & Jack said...

That cracked me up. Bless you and all who work with children... I'd need a LOT of coffee to deal with them too!!