Saturday, August 8, 2009

Two quick, funny conversations

Kevin and I had both of these conversations yesterday, and I thought they were humorous:

Kevin: "We have a lot of yard work to do tomorrow. I'll bring home and axe and a chain saw to tear that stuff out of the back yard."
Me: "Ooh! Can I play with the axe?"
Kevin: "NO. Because you would probably chop my leg off. And definitely not the chain saw either, because then you would chop all of my limbs off. And probably yours, too."
Me: "Bummer."

Kevin: "I used to be right all the time. You know, back when we were dating."
Me: "No. That's just back when I used to let you think you were right all the time."
Kevin: "But why would you do that?"
Me: "To get you to marry me, so I could spend the rest of my life being right instead of you."

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