Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our new bedroom!

Kevin and I had a very busy day today, arranging our new bedroom! We moved into this house almost a year and a half ago and have been putting off buying a nice set of bedroom funiture since then. We just didn't want to spend the money. Actually, we still didnt, which is why we were so lucky that Kevin's mom decided to sell us a set of her furniture for a ridiculously good deal. The stuff has barely even been used, and it is really nice! We also got a basically brand new matress and box-spring from her, which is a huge upgrade from what we were sleeping on before.

I had fun running around town picking up decorations on a tight budget. I actually did the whole room (all bedding included) for $100! I painted the canvasses myself to save money and to make sure they were a perfect match. We put our old stuff in our third bedroom (that used to be the office), so it will be nice to have an extra bedroom. It's definitely not as nice as our other (more put together) room, but it will serve it's purpose!

Here are some pictures. We love our new room!

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