Sunday, January 1, 2012

11 months and an Aggie bowl game!

I cannot believe that my little man is now 11 months old! Where has the time gone? It seems like we were just bringing him home yesterday! Jaxon has become such a neat little person! He makes us laugh with the games he invents and the silly things that he does. Then he looks at us with this knowing smile and giggles with us. Playing with him is my FAVORITE activity of any day, EVER! One of his favorite games right now is when I yell "LOVE TACKLE!!!" and chase after him while he tries to crawl away, tackling him to the floor with hugs and kisses. He also loves to play with all of his new toys from Christmas!

He is on formula now (about 30oz per day), but only for another month before we transition to whole milk. He eats three big solid meals a day with a lot of snacks in between, and he likes meat now! He is a growing boy.

He typically sleeps about 12 hours per night and takes either one 2 hour nap OR two shorter naps during the day.

The words he says are mama, dada, tex, beh (for Bella), yeah, this, that, and uh-uh (for uh-oh). He is constantly pointing at anything and EVERYTHING and saying "This, this, this, this, this" with a question in his voice. He is one inquisitive little boy!

On New Year's Eve Kevin and I were lucky enough to go to the Aggie Bowl game with his dad, who got us tickets. It was AWESOME! Apparently it was the second-largest crowd in Texas bowl history!

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