Monday, January 9, 2012

Jaxon Update 1/9/12

Our little guy is growing so fast and learning even faster! This weekend he learned the words "uh-oh" and "light." He now says:


We also had our first conversation tonight. It went like this:

(Jaxon threw food off of his tray at dinner)
Me: "No no, Don't throw food off your tray."
Jaxon: "This?"
Me: "Food. Don't throw it."
(Jaxon threw the food again)
Me: "Jaxon, why did you do that?"
Jaxon: (pointing) "Bella."

I guess he wanted to feed Bella!

Some other fun things he is doing are:
-Pointing to EVERYTHING and asking "This? That?"
-Pointing on command to several things and people
-Putting things together and taking them apart
-Playing with his toys the way they we designed to be played with
-Trying to "Godzilla" Kevin's helicopter from the air
-Throwing things just to say "uh-oh"
-Hugging me tightly every night before bed
-Trying to use his toy remote to make Gigglebellies come on
-Feeding himself almost every meal
-Drinking (decaf) (unsweetened) iced tea. He loves it!!!
-Giggling when he knows the answer to something
-Taking great joy from picking out his own books to read each night (as a teacher I LOVE to see him so excited about books!!!)

We went to play at the park on Sunday and I took a few pictures around our part of the neighborhood while we were out. Here are a couple!

I have been working really hard this year on a compilation of pictures of all of his "firsts" with the dates Photoshopped onto them. Tonight I completed number 78, his first toothbrush :) I hope to be able to put them into some sort of slide show movie and publish it here in honor of his upcoming first birthday! Then, after the party, I'm going to have it made into a hardcover book of Jaxon's Firsts.

Have a great week!

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