Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update 1/22/12

I have several new pictures of Jaxon to share, but I want to write about a couple of other things first. First, it is hard to believe that Jaxon is going to be ONE in just 10 days! We are so excited about his party. We are going to have so many family and friends coming over, he is not going to know what to do! So far, we have about 30 people and 10 little kids! Good thing we have a lot of toys! We will also have a ball tent with balls, Jaxon's play house and slide, and a big sand table with sand toys outside. I'm hoping that's enough to keep the kiddos happy for a couple of hours. I can't wait to blog about his first party with stories and pictures!

Also, Kevin started a new job last week! He is selling sand and aggregates now for a company called Turf Materials. He thinks that he is going to be a lot happier in this new job and it also has a lot more potential. Jaxon and I are so blessed to have a husband (and Daddy) who works so hard to provide for us. Kevin is always finding ways to make money so that we can have the things that we need and want. He also saves us a ton of stress and money by being quite the handyman. He can fix everything from electronics, to cars, to appliances. If I can break it, he can fix it. Okay, enough bragging on Kevin.

Here are the pictures of Jaxon!

The last picture is of Jaxon's first peanut butter and jelly sandwich! He gobbled it down in about 2 minutes (it was only a half, no crust...but still)! He loved it.

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