Sunday, January 15, 2012

Zoo trip and BIG NEWS!!!

Jaxon has already visited the San Antonio Zoo, but this Saturday Kevin and I took him to the Houston Zoo. I personally preferred it for little ones since there were so many more kids' activities! Jaxon's favorite things so far were in the children's zoo. He loved watching the otter swim and show off for him through the window and his all-time favorite activity is...get ready for this....yes, petting goats.

I let my baby pet goats. Don't worry, we washed up REALLY well afterwards! He of course also loved watching the giraffes. Apparently you can feed them once a day if you are there at the right time. We will have to plan for it next time! We saw so many cool things and so much fun stuff for him to enjoy as he grows. We will certainly be zoo members! We ended the day by allowing him to pick out a giraffe stuffed animal and he picked a less life-like but absolutely adorable giraffe lovie. He has been stuck to it since - in fact, it is in bed with him right now along with his Okapi from the San Antonio Zoo!

Here are some pics from the day:

Okay, now for the BIG NEWS about Jaxon!

HE IS A TODDLER! That's right, my baby is WALKING! Tonight he stood alone playing with his toys for the first time and I was so excited. But then he just TOOK OFF! Check out this video clip:

As a working mom, my big fear all along has been to miss major milestones like this while I was at work. So far I have been blessed to witness first-hand every single one of Jaxon's new things. I will cherish the fact that I was with him for these first steps forever! I can't believe we have a toddler!

I also love Kevin's face in the background of the video. He is so proud of our little guy too!

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