Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Update!

This year Easter was wonderful! My parents came in to celebrate with us, and Jaxon was old enough to enjoy himself a bit more than last year! I'm going to let pictures tell the story...

Kevin was working, but my parents and took Jaxon to the zoo on Friday to pet some goats! It was incredibly hot and muggy, and traffic was horrendous getting there and back, but it was worth it for my little guy to be with his one true love...goats.

That night, my parents kept Jaxon for us and Kevin and I had a date night! We went to the race track and placed several $2 bets on horses while we enjoyed a buffet in the nice restaurant. It was nice to just spend time together doing something relaxing and fun!

On Saturday we had our Easter celebration! Jaxon wore his bunny ears a bit more happily than he did last year.

Jaxon opened his Easter baskets. My mom had found some really cool electronic eggs that call out to the baby to find them, and Jaxon loved them!

He sampled everything in his eggs! Peeps, fruit snacks, yogurt melts, banana cookies, a marshmallow bunny...

...and coins. Wait!!! JAXON, spit those out! Don't cry, baby.

He really loved the grass from his basket and his first coloring books!

Then it was time for the egg hunt in the backyard!!!

Then we played in the backyard for a while, which has become one of Jaxon's all-time favorite activities!

Later, we cracked open the cascarones (sp?) that my parents brought for Jaxon. It was so much fun! He loved making a mess on everyone, and even on himself!

On Sunday morning we all went to church, and Jaxon looked so handsome!

Well, there you have it. A wonderful, fun and family-filled Easter!

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