Monday, July 2, 2012

Jaxon at 17 Months!

I haven't done this type of monthly update in the past, but Jaxon is learning so much, so quickly right now that I really wanted to keep up with it. So, here is Jaxon's 17 Month Update!!!

At 17 months, Jaxon is a loveable, smart, adorable little man. He changes gears quickly, going from cuddling his favorite stuffed animal to throwing a tantrum in about 5 seconds. When he decides it’s time to eat, you better have it ready! He is constantly on the go and when he crashes, he crashes hard, sleeping 12 hours each night and taking a 2 hour nap every afternoon. He eats all the time and we cannot understand why he is still so skinny (only in the 25th percentile for weight). He has a daily “cuddle time” from about 4-4:30 where he is incredible sweet and still. Each night after bath, he reads with Mama and Dada, says a prayer, and puts himself to bed. We love him more each day than the last, and it is impossible to comprehend how deep our love for this little boy is. He has won us over and changed our lives in an incomprehensible way.

At 17 Months, Jaxon...  
Understands almost everything we say to him and follows most single-step directions.  

Speaks these words: Upstairs, Mama, Dada, Mammaw, Pappaw, Nana, Bella , Tex, Jaxon, Cookie, Ash (his friend Ashley), Juice, Out, Outside, Light, Touch, That, This, Go , Up, Down, Okay, Bye, Hi, Done, Thank you, Banana, Cereal, Uh-Oh, Yes, No, Tickle, Clock, Tick-tock, Yay

Says a couple of phrases: I touch, No Mama

Identifies several body parts: Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, Tongue, Teeth, Toes, Head, Belly, Feet, Elbow, Hands, Hair

Identifies some animals: Dog, Cat, Cow, Giraffe, Duck, Monkey, Pig  

Uses some animal sounds: Dog, Cat, Duck, Cow, Pig

Identifies a few colors: Blue, Green, Red  

Is enhancing his motor skills in several ways: Coloring, Play-dough, Using his “tools” on his toolbox, Stacking cups and blocks, Putting shapes through corresponding holes, “Driving” his trucks around, Having fun in his sand table

Other accomplishments: Sitting in time-out for one minute, Retrieving different toys and objects, Telling us when he needs a diaper change, Putting himself to sleep at night and sleeping 12 hours, Feeding himself with a fork off of a plate, “Cleaning” his table after eating, Blowing his own nose, Turning the pages while we read, Cleaning up a few of his toys, Safely going up and down the stairs, Dancing, and asking for music constantly, Jumping off of the side of the pool to me on 1-2-3!, Blowing bubbles in the water, Raising his hands as if to say “I don’t know”, Climbing onto the couch, Climbing onto his climber and sliding down the slide, Singing  

His favorite foods are: Berries, Oranges, Bananas, Grapes, Yogurt, Tortillas, String cheese, Chicken nuggets, Cheese, Eggs, Animal crackers, Dry cereal, Goldfish crackers, Cream cheese and chives crackers, Waffles with syrup  

His favorite activities are: Petting goats at the zoo, Going to the pool and splash pad, Playing chase or tickle with mom and dad, Watching Gigglebellies, Dancing to country music, Sliding into his ball pit, Playing outside, Eating, Play-dough and coloring, Playing with his trucks and cars, Reading books, Building towers  

Things that make him mad: Not getting his way, Dropping a toy, A toy not working like he wants it to, Getting a diaper change


Anonymous said...

He also says "Lala"!!

And he's only safe on the stairs when mammaw is gone haha

Meagan White said...

BWAhahahahahahaha TRUE THAT!