Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Update

I can't believe that 3.5 weeks of summer vacation has come and gone! Jaxon and I are living up the good life, just being lazy and spending time together. I'm sure it will be hard for both of us to go back to work and school in a couple of months, but it's not time to think about that yet!

Our typical activities thus far have included going to the pool, playing with neighbors Matthew and Ashley, and also neighbor Ryan, going to the little park down the street, hanging out in the backyard, and splitting the rest of our time between our upstairs and downstairs toy collections!

Kevin and I have been very busy with our recent "Car Fiasco." You may remember that we sold my Acadia, which was too much car for us, and bought me a cute little 2010 Ford Edge back in March. Well a few weeks ago the transmission in Kevin's old blue truck went out (again), after Kevin has spent several days of work and close to $3K in repairs over the last 6 months. Needless to say, it was finally time for a new truck. We wanted A LOT (4 wheel drive, 4 full doors, diesel, great condition inside and out, not more than 100K miles) for the money that was in our budget. But with enough shopping around and haggling, and after walking away from a couple of trucks, Kevin found a Dodge Ram that has been cared for as he would himself and made a great deal on it. It met all of our requirements and he is delighted, so I am delighted too.

Well, after the truck was figured out, I drove on a spare tire for 5 days while the dealership repaired my wheel (dented when we bought it). Then, the day I got it back I discovered a less-than-pleasant, crusted-on, disgusting, enormous spot on the front bottom of the driver's seat that I have been sitting in for almost 3 months. We took it straight to get detailed and, long story short, the dealership will be reimbursing the cost of the detail.

Anyway, it seems as though it car chaos is finally over. Thank goodness!

Here are a few pictures I have taken over the last few weeks:

I am looking forward to the rest of summer with my little man!

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