Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Every girl is always right."

Today was a wonderful day! My kids were a little more controlled, and I realized something about them. They may be talkative, but they are just excited. Plus, they are very respectful. I may have to redirect them several times during each lesson, but they always respond well, and some even apologize for their behavior. They are great kids, for the most part. I have had a few "meltdowns" from a certain child - the kind where he cries hysterically and is unable to be consoled. The most recent one was because he didn't get to be the "toucher" in heads up seven up during indoor recess. Yesterday was because he didn't have the color "apricot" to color his skin on his paper. It should be an interesting year, but I love the little guy already :)

In math my kids have been having trouble understanding greater than, greatest, least, etc. It is hard for kids with limited english proficiency to use terms like that, so I try to give them little tricks to remember them by. I have always told them that "least" starts with an l, just liek "little," so those are little numbers. Today, though, I was so proud because I figured out a good one for greater than and greatest! Those words start with "gr," just like "grande!" After I taught my kids this, they all seemed to get it! I love to figure out new ways to teach and reach my kids every day - I love my job!

Now about the title of my blog....

Today we were reading a story about mutual respect. The main character was Annie the Ant, and she was being teased by her friends about having a different opinion than them about something. We talked about how that was not showing mutual respect, and several of my kids had comments to make. Then, this cute little boy raised his hand and stated: "Yeah. Plus she's a girl. And every girl is always right!"

Once I regained my composure, I looked at that little boy and I said "Whatever woman in your life taught you that is very wise."

What a funny day!


Mandy and Jack said...

Ha! How cute! And good for you, using new teaching method and strategies!! :)

Jo Carol said...

Hi Meagan! This is Jo Carol...Emily's mom! I found your blog through Emily's and would love for you to come visit my blog! Just wanted to thank you again for all of the encouragement and help you have given to Emily. She (and I ) appreciate it so much! You are a wonderful teacher and have so much to offer to your kids and your peers. Hope your week is going great. Your class picture is adorable!!