Monday, August 25, 2008

The First Day of School: Top Ten Great Things

Here are the top ten greatest things about my first day of school, followed by a couple of cute pictures :)

10. Working from 6:30am to 6:30pm…AND ACTUALLY ENJOYING IT!!!
9. Laughing because someone said: “the only thing that I’m excited about in first grade is
the recess,” and then seeing the disappointment when he found out that we still have to
play on the “little playground” in first grade.
8. Watching a group of six year olds pretend to be Olympic jumpers jumping over piles of mud
on the playground (then "accidentally" falling in it).
7. Eating my lunch with 22 sets of curious eyes staring me down, while answering questions
like “Are those Doritos?”, “What’s in your sandwich?”, and “Why do you chew like that?”
Can you say AWKWARD?
6. Talking a little boy down from a tantrum because he did not have the color “apricot” and
thus was unable to complete his assignment because he could not color himself.
5. Starting off a new year with a new math curriculum that is very promising and exciting,
and mixing it in with the songs I wrote last year that are so fun to sing!
4. Being told that the best part of being in first grade was “having Mrs. White as a teacher”
3. Getting a dozen pink roses from one very sweet little girl and her mom to start my first
day off right.
2. Being told several times throughout the day: “Mrs. White, I like first grade!”

~~~~~~~and the most exciting part about my first day of school was~~~~~~~~~

1. Greeting 22 smiling, exciting new faces at the door, while still getting hugs from the
kids I passed on to second grade.

My absolutely adorable class:

Me and Emily in her room next door, anxiously waiting the arrival of our kiddos this morning!

PS: This is totally unrelated, but you have to see the adorable puppy dress that I bought for Bella the other day! It was on clearance at walmart and was a STEAL!


Mandy and Jack said...

I'm glad you had a good first day!! I must ask, though... what in the world is the kid in the middle in yellow doing!?

Alan Cooper said...

You do chew funny........

PS: They should see how you used to handle a steak knife and a fork on a hunk of meat!