Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hi everyone!

Before I update about our wonderful weekend, I have a hilarious story from school on Thursday. We left for Houston early Friday morning and I have been itching to write this all weekend long!!!

So on Thursday I had a parent conference about T, the little boy who causes me a ton of problems in my class. We met after school with the boy's mom, our principal, the speech therapist, his behavior teacher, and myself (his mainstream teacher). We talked seriously about the issues that we are having, but also laughed at some of the more humorous T stories. There are a bunch of those!

After a while, we decided to bring T in to our meeting. We all agreed ahead of time to keep a straight face, no matter what hilarious comments T made, to show him that there is nothing funny about his behavior. So he came in, and the first thing that almost made me laugh was the way he sat his little body in his grown up chair and darted his eyes around the room nervously, observing the fact that every person who is capable of punishing him was in the same room at the same time, specifically to discuss his poor behavior. So my principal started to talk to him sternly and about that time, her boss showed up unexpectedly. He cracked open the door and peeked his head in to tell her that whatever he needed could wait. She introduced him to all of us as her boss. Right then, T shot his hand up toward the man to shake his hand. While shaking the man's hand for an extended amount of time, he announced:

"Hello Mr. (insert name). My name is (insert name). I am very dissappointed to tell you that the reason I am sitting here is that I have disrupted your employees three times today."

This kid is seven years old, remember. Disrupted? EMPLOYEES? The story is made more humorous by the fact that, by "disrupting," T means kicking, screaming, yelling, and being drug out of my classroom and into the office. Oh man.

So then he came up with a list of things that he was NOT going to do ANYMORE in my classroom. These things include:
-ripping things up
-flipping over desks/chairs
-climbing up the filing cabinet and jumping off <--------------probably my favorite.

We'll see how it goes.


So about the weekend. Kevin and I went to Houston to enjoy a weekend with our friends and attend Chad and Julie's wedding. Chad has been Kevin's best friend since High School so he was in the wedding. They're a great couple and we are so glad that they finally got married, and also happy that we were a part of their special day. We really enjoyed a weekend hanging out with old friends and I enjoyed meeting a few new people that, surprisingly, I had never met.

We had two really good nights. We went out after the rehearsal dinner and after the wedding. They were the kind of good nights that are really good that night, but then not so fun the next morning. :( Kevin says I need to drink more often so that just a few of drinks don't make me feel so bad the next day. He says he has practice and I need some more. No thanks. If practicing gives me a headache and makes me unable to eat for several hours, I'm fine being an amateur.

We stayed at a good friend's house. He lives on the same street with several of the other guys that Kevin grew up with and their families. It always makes us a little sad that everyone else lives there in their happy little neighborhood and we moved up here all by ourselves. We know that eventually we'll end up back in Houston, but we both have a lot of growing to do and experience to gain in our careers first. We both love our jobs, and even though that's one of the few things we DO love about living up here, it's enough to suffice for a while.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Did you like that last one? Yeah. Me too. NOT!

Have a wonderful week! I will not be participating in Not Me Monday this week, but drop in on Tuesday for my first Tattle-Tale Tuesday. I promise you will not be dissapppointed!

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Mandy and Jack said...

Ha! I liked the "disrupting your employees" thing. Kids are nuts.

And I agree with you about the drinking practice. I've been hungover twice (once a little, once a lot), and I've decided there's really nothing smart about "practicing" that particular skill. I'm think I'll stick with my glass (or 2 on a "wild" night) of wine. (Until the next time I forget how the next day feels, which will probably won't be anytime soon after that last one!)