Friday, November 7, 2008

Tattle Book

Ahh...the famous Tattle Book. How I love to read it and laugh at it's ridiculousness.

Could you decipher these "sentences?"

I can. It's the gift of a first grade teacher.

So allow me to share some of the more amusing tattles of the week.

10. I fusursis uv s and e uay are men to me
translation: I am frustrated of S and E they are mean to me.
9. N frod a ofis.
translation: N threw an office. (Offices are our privacy folders).
8. K tak my pesooway.
translation: K took my pencil away. (We have problems with pencils, as evidenced by these
last two tattle book blogs).
7. T si bos.
translation: T is boss. (Yes he is.)
6. D always boter me.
translation: D always bothers me. (true).
5. We were lining up from recess and w made me a bad face.
4. I was dizapoyntd at G us not lren.
translation: I was dissapointed that G is not learning. (sticker word :))
3. R hit frod a boc in my bac A. Wan I wus cumin in the culrom.
translation: R hit and threw a book in my back when I was coming in the classroom.
...Next entry: "From R. that was only a litel." HAHAHAHAHA defending yourself in the tattle book is a new one.

The accompanying pictures make the next two the best:

2. G was mesing with me.

My all time favorite:
1. "D was under the writing table after intervention. From: A"

This picture makes me think "Ha-ha! You're not getting away with anything because I SEE YOU!!!"

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Liz said...

Those are hilarious...I love the one where he is defending himself...You could make these into a book! Thanks for sharing..