Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tattle-Tail Tuesday!!!

Howdy, all! As promised, here we are for Tattle-Tale Tuesday!!! I must preface this post with the dissappointing news that for the latter part of last week, the tattle book was lost and thus not "tattled" in. Rather, I should say the tattle book was "accidentally" misplaced into somebody's desk. A certain somebody who loves to write in it multiple times a day. Hmm...suspicious.

We'll make do with what we have!

Here we go...

1. S on trew a rack at my fase.
translation: S threw a rock at my face.

2. I was like wely disponted at G and R bous they was not pintisht to you Then they look at me like ment.
translation: I was really dissappointed at G and R because they were not paying attention to you. Then they looked at me like mean. (See picture below, in case it was not detailed enough of a tattle for you):

3. S was paly with the poty.
translation: S was playing with the potty. UM....when was this and why did I not know about it? Maybe we need to have another talk about when it is OKAY to tattle...like in the rock incident above as well. I'd say splashing around in a public toilet warrants a verbal tattle, wouldn't you???

4. R open my locr and pot my baback undr Erin.
translation: R opened my locker and put my backpack under Erin.

5. I was wrceg in my jrnl then S stardid to play with his floose box and he toked lowd in his wispr fon.
translation: I was writing in my journal then S started to play with his fluency box and he talked loud in his whisper phone.

6. K stiked his tung at A and A. For Mrs. White. love A and A.

7. D dot let me rit to they are mesinup my sesint.
translation: D doesnt let me write. They are messing up my sentence.

8. N wet down the cher.
translation: N went down the chair. What does that mean? You got me.

9. K hit me on the sint win K hit me like four time and he wen bac and I omos crin.
translation: K hit me on the side. When K hit me like four times and he went back I was almost crying.

----------------and my favorite, accompanied by a very detailed picture--------------------

10. A was skreme at me and I tod him to bles stow he did not lisin. I did not like it.
translation: A was screaming at me and I told him to stop but he did not listen. I did not like it.

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Mandy and Jack said...

Hahahaha that was probably the day you held Simon's hand...